Google Cardboard Design Lab

A fantastic way to learn the basic fundamentals of virtual reality, is in virtual reality.  With Cardboard Design Lab, you can do just that.  Enjoy an educational and immersive journey through principles for developing virtual reality experiences. Because 3D design is so different than 2D, it is exceptionally helpful to have basic concepts introduced in a 3D immersive virtual reality environment.  The folks at Cardboard do a great job of introducing not only design considerations, but important physiological factors as well.  You will need a Google Cardboard viewer and an Android device.

Here is a description from Google of the concepts covered in the app:
1. Using a Reticle
2. UI Depth & Eye Strain
3. Using Constant Velocity
4. Keeping the User Grounded
5. Maintaining Head Tracking
6. Guiding with Light
7. Leveraging Scale
8. Spatial Audio
9. Gaze Cues
10. Make it Beautiful

To fully enjoy this app you’ll need a viewer that works with Google Cardboard. Learn more and get your own Cardboard viewer at Share your experience through the Google+ community at


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