What Can Picasso Teach Us About Virtual Reality?


Thank you for engaging with the site, and ultimately, the current movement to bring consumer oriented virtual reality to market.  Virtual reality can change entertainment, how we view the mobile internet, and ultimately, it can redefine the future of interactive content.

To express my gratitude, I wanted to share a presentation I developed in conjunction with the release of Microsoft’s new storytelling application, Sway.

Please click here for your free copy of the presentation

At it’s soul, all great content is art, and I believe that is true more than ever with the advent of modern Virtual Reality.

I trust you will enjoy the presentation.  Please let me know your feedback, its a powerful concept and you can help me shape it by sharing your insight.

More than anything, I’d be grateful if you shared it with your friends and colleagues so we can get their feedback too.

Enjoy it and thanks for reading and being a part of this.






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