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VR Developer is an online journal and resource for those wanting to begin development on virtual reality enabled platforms.  We will share thoughts on the future of virtual reality and its implications, offer in depth articles, cover near term opportunities, and walk through the tools and frameworks available to developers today.

Jason Pfaff

Jason Pfaff is a recognized innovator in contemporary higher education. He currently serves as Vice President of Product Development for Delta Career Education, a leading privately held provider of career oriented education. Jason’s innovation portfolio lies at the intersection of breakthrough technology, predictive analytics, and a future centered mindset.

He is currently focused on virtual reality at a highly technical level and is working through its applications both in the near and long term. He personally works in Unity and WebVR for the Oculus Rift and Cardboard while closely following the entire breadth of the VR eco-system.

Jason is also the author of the best selling “HTML 5 Development : The Beginning Beginners Guide”, which was published by Learn To Program Media.

Prior to Delta, Jason worked in a variety of roles at University of Phoenix, a leader in the widespread adoption of online learning. Prior to University of Phoenix, Jason served in a variety of roles at Saint Gregory’s University, including leading the launch of its multi-media lab. Jason holds a degree in Letters from Saint Gregory’s.

When not working, he builds machine learning models in the programming language R on his stream “Machine Learning in R” on Livecoding.tv. He also finds time with his beautiful wife Anna and their four lovely children.

He can be reached at jason.pfaff@vrdeveloper.org