Virtual Reality Jobs


Unity Engineer

Company: Littlestar

Location: New York City

Looking for engineers familiar with VR / Unity / C# / OpenGL Development, video playback, and streaming technologies. Should be able to create interfaces in VR.

Software Engineer

Company: LiveLike

Location: New York

Here at LiveLike, our goal is to make the most intuitive VR experience yet. Clean, iteration-friendly, upgradable code is a key part of creating that vision. Together with the design team, you will execute the vision into Unity. Our company aims to reinvent the future of live sports watching and we’re looking for talented developers to help us. This is your chance to pioneer one of the most mass-market applications of VR and to build a skillset valuable for decades to come!

Unity Developer

Company: YouVisit

Location: New York

As a developer on the YouVisit Virtual Reality team, you’ll be at the forefront of conceptualizing, prototyping and producing our virtual reality application. As a member of the development team, you will help improve our current application, partnering with the art and design teams to explore and implement prototypes that set the bar for VR content inside and outside the company.

Software Engineer III – Virtual, Augmented Reality

Company: ESPN (Disney)

Location: Bristol, CT

Working at ESPN is unlike anything else. That’s because we’re always finding new ways to interact with fans – however and wherever they connect with sports. When you have the latest technology, game-changing ideas and world-class talent on your team, everyday is extraordinary.

Deputy Director of Data Visualization and VR

Company: Los Angeles Times

Location: Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times is looking for someone to help lead our team’s adventures in experimental and innovative storytelling, with an emphasis on virtual reality journalism and data visualization. The ideal candidate has a thirst for learning and a hunger to teach. We are committed to the Open Web and building experiences that work seamlessly from desktop to headset. Our goals include creating templates for streamlined production that can be open sourced for the benefit of journalism.

This is the No. 2 position in the department, so you must have a track record of guiding others, collaborating with teams across disciplines and experience taking stories from pitch to publish.

Senior Virtual Reality Developer

Company: Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Location: Johnstown, PA

At Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), we are committed to assisting government, industry and nonprofit organizations achieve world-class competitiveness.  In carrying out that mission, we recognize that our employees are our most important asset.  Our organization has been recognized continually as an exceptional place to work.  Visit us online at for more information.

Are you ready to make a difference in your career and be recognized as a corporate innovator with a respected national reputation for solving complex technical challenges?  Become a part of our team.  CTC has an opportunity for a Senior Virtual Reality Developer at various office locations.

Software Engineer

Company: HypeVR

Location: SanDiego

HypeVR is a fast paced growing startup based in San Diego looking for software engineers to join the engineering/research team to drive the live action Virtual Reality experience to the next level. We are platform agnostic and developing next generation software for use with the Oculus, HTC/Valve and Playstation VR headsets.

Product Manager, Virtual Reality

Company: Leap Motion

Location: San Francisco

Leap Motion is transforming how we interact with technology using the original interface: the human hand. Over the last two years, we’ve shipped almost half a million motion-tracking controllers to developers and consumers around the world, opening up new possibilities for a platform beyond the screen – from music and gaming to the next generation of VR/AR interfaces. By bringing people and computing devices closer together, a career at Leap Motion offers the opportunity to help bring science fiction to life.

Applications Engineer

Company: Leap Motion

Location: San Francisco

You’re on the fringe, forging new paths. You’re inspiring the world about thinking in different ways. You’re inventing as you go with both a keen mind and an artistic soul. You’re an applications engineer with Leap Motion and you work hand in hand with creative designers and UI experts to help define the future of computing.

Software Engineer, Mobile (Cardboard and Virtual Reality)

Company: Google

Location: Mountain View, Ca

Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly evolving as an important new area in personal computing. The Google VR team is a fast moving group of engineers, designers, and research scientists tasked with building the foundations for great VR, developing VR apps and prototyping novel, delightful user experiences. The project started as a 20% project with Google Cardboard. It has since evolved into a vibrant team of full-time VR enthusiasts at Google.

 Front End UI Designer

Company: Altspace VR

Location: Redwood City, CA

We need a design-minded front end developer with deep knowledge of modern web development to create next generation user interfaces. We are leveraging a Chromium integration paired with powerful private APIs to present web apps in holographic 3D and with access to deep VR functionality. Forget supporting IE. With us you’d be programming against HUDs, non-rectangular displays, and holographic projectors.

Graphics Artist

Company: EON Reality

Location: Irvine, Ca

We are looking for an experienced graphic designer for graphic design and development projects. Our ideal candidate will be creative and have the ability to take direction in a collaborative, fast-paced production environment.

Software Engineer – Graphics

Company: Hype VR

Location: San Diego

HypeVR is a fast paced growing startup based in San Diego looking for software engineers to join the engineering/research team to drive the Virtual Reality experience to the next level. We are platform agnostic and developing next generation software for use with the Oculus, HTC/Valve and Playstation VR headsets.

Game Mechanics Programmer

Company: Lingoland

Location: San Fransisco

You will create and program our game mechanics. The question we are trying to answer is “What is the most effective means of teaching someone a language in a 3D environment?”

We believe the answer consists of making speech recognition the input for any interactive elements. That is, when the user says something, the 3D world adapts, and the user must respond. On top of that, we are also working with Leap Motion to incorporate hand gestures into the 3D world.

360 Video Editor

Company: Ascape VR

Location: San Fransisco

Ascape VR is a platform for high-quality VR travel content. Our core mission is to allow people to travel all over the world from the comfort of their homes by simply wearing VR headset.

We are looking for a talented video editor who had experience with or willing to fully explore a new creative medium – virtual reality – and help us create even more spherical videos!

Unity Developer

Company: Vrideo

Location: Santa Monica

This is an once in a life-time opportunity to be one of the first engineers at a pioneering, VC-backed virtual reality start-up with huge potential for growth. On a daily basis, you’ll be navigating unchartered territory at the forefront of product development and helping to establish future norms for virtual reality experiences. You’ll have fun, work hard, and learn a ton side by side with a tight-knit and top-notch team that’s passionate about what we’re building.

Software Developer (Oculus)

Company: Oculus

Location: Redmond, Wa

As a software engineer at Oculus Research your job is to figure out what virtual reality looks like 5 years in the future. You’ll be part of a multi-disciplinary team pushing on every aspect of the experience: haptics, audio, input, computer vision, optics, display technology, and whatever else we can dream up. Our mission is to keep advancing the VR platform; the work you do here will lay the foundation for VR experiences for years to come. Ideal candidates are exceptional C/C++ programmers who are comfortable working with new technologies at multiple levels in the software stack. We’re looking for adaptable coders who are used to owning and writing non-trivial software systems.
VR Technical Artist

Company: Vizor

Location: Multiple options globally

We are a growing team so a successful candidate will – especially in the beginning – be a jack of all trades, who can both bring the best quality reference visual materials out from limited powered VR devices and drive Vizor forward by – in collaboration with the engineering team – building the optimal content pipeline.

Unity Developer

Company: One Pink Elephant

Location: San Fransisco

One Pink Elephant is looking for a Game Developer, to create a 3D environment for people to learn Chinese characters

VR/AR Intern

Company: Exponential Technologies

Location: Remote

We are currently looking for a Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Intern.

VR Art Director

Company: Hashplay

Location: San Fransisco

Hashplay brings the joy of live gaming to virtual reality – Turning any live gameplay into virtual reality

Hashplay enables professional gamers to multi-exploit their live content, pushing it out to several platforms for second exploitation after the broadcast.

Hashplay enables players to share their gameplay in immersive VR, 3-D or 2D.

Virtual Reality Engineer

Company: Unity Technologies

Location: Bellevue, Wa

We are looking for an addition to the Unity VR team in Bellevue, Washington who will focus on the developer experience for VR. This includes optimizing the runtime, integrating with platform specific API’s and contributing to the end to end workflow.

You have probably worked on high-performance graphics rendering and engine level tech on mobile or console platforms in the past and you know the importance of writing fast and maintainable code. If you are also looking to put these skills in the hands of millions of developers using Unity around the world you have come to the right place.